New payday loans in 2019 – the best loans

The year 2019 is full of many new loans. Both modified offers and new loan companies are available. Loans for free are the most popular among non-bank products. Many loan companies offer the first loan for free to attract customers.

It is known for a long time that a free payday loan is the cheapest type of loan that we can get online. It is addressed to new clients who use the services of a given company for the first time. A free loan really means that every new customer returns exactly the amount they borrowed after a certain period of time – without any interest or other costs (APRC interest rate 0%).


New loan companies

payday loans

There are various difficult situations in life that are related to material needs. The failure of household appliances, a car or the need to buy a layette for a child is straining our home budget. Unexpected expenses can greatly strain our home budget. To avoid this, it’s worth taking a loan online.

Many new loan companies offer promotions for new customers, such as a free loan or new payday loan without checking the BIK. We can apply for the loans just mentioned from anywhere with internet access. To apply for a loan, all you need is your ID card, mobile phone, email address and your own bank account.


Advantages of borrowing from new companies

Advantages of borrowing from new companies

Loan companies have become serious competitors for banks. It’s mainly about fast loans for a small amount. Lenders often offer them for free to their new clients, which is certainly not found in bank offers. Below are a few pros why you should borrow from new non-bank companies.

  • Simple and convenient loan granting procedures – all you need is your ID card, mobile phone and internet access;
  • A loan without leaving your home and available in a short time;
  • Additional money without collateral – non-bank companies do not require guarantees or collateral for loans;
  • Possibility of using a free loan – payday payable for USD 0, i.e. you give back as much as you get;
  • Availability of small amounts;
  • A large selection of non-bank companies;
  • Many companies also grant loans on Saturdays and Sundays;
  • A loan in 15 minutes on the customer’s account.